Our Services

Carnoustie has amassed a wealth of investigative experience since it was founded in 2000 and offers a unique and cost effective approach.

We are unaware of any other company of a similar size that can offer such an attractive depth of experience and quality of service ratio to cost.

We serve clients in matters relating to legal, financial and personal issues across a wide range of sectors. We have been used, among other things, for risk management, proactive due diligence reporting and detailed fraud investigation. Across all projects we provide a discreet, sophisticated service.

Our clients know that in every task we are given we will act in a professional manner, leveraging leading-edge technology and strategic partnerships to deliver to the best of our ability. All operatives we employ and work with are highly experienced and effective, often with commended backgrounds in criminal investigation.

Our expertise can be broadly divided into two branches: Business Intelligence and Data Analytics & Forensics.


Due Diligence & KYC

Pro-active research to assist clients in commercial decision making

International Asset Tracing

Comprehensive personal or corporate means reports

Fraud Investigation

Mapping fraud rings and tracing proceeds of fraud worldwide.


Physical, Technical and Cyber-Security review and provision.

Computer Forensics

Securing critical data from PCs, laptops and servers.

Device Forensics

Utilising latest technologies to unlock data from handheld devices.

Email & Document Analysis

Data heavy investigation to identify patterns and documents of interest.


Bringing paper and electronic data together for analysis, review and production.


Carnoustie Consultants combines advanced software tools, including a specialist analysis tool called Indago, together with detailed human intelligence sourced from ultra-discreet, well placed investigative and industry sources.

The result is detailed and wide ranging research, support, corroborated and enhanced by up-to-the-minute, hands on and tangible intelligence from sources on the ground.

Carnoustie Consultants has built a diverse and wide ranging network of trusted sources across the world, with key expertise in jurisdictions such as the UAE, West Indies, Russia. We pride ourselves on being able to bring sophisticated investigative resources to bear in almost any jurisdiction across the world.

In support of the human intelligence gathering process, Carnoustie Consultants have invested heavily in recent years in tools and expertise to leverage valuable information available in niche corners across the internet. In particular, the Indago software suite, provides ‘deep web’ gathering across social networks, blogs, forums and specialist news sources and insight into forensic datasets, emails and office documents. This software tool has greatly increased Carnoustie Consultants’ ability to deliver vital intelligence from the internet and a document analytics capability far in excess of what clients have at their fingertips.

The above traits are differentiators for Carnoustie Consultants, hard-baked into our operational and commercial makup, setting us apart from other investigative companies and helping us to provide clients with exceptional value, no matter their requirement.