A solicitor client received disclosure from their opponents in litigation in the form of 5 document boxes of printed emails.

The emails had been printed, rather than supplied electronically, in an attempt to increase the time and cost of reviewing the information – a common tactic in disclosure despite the efforts of the judiciary to reduce costs in litigation. Carnoustie collected, scanned and OCR’d the paper documents and used an email parsing algorithm to ‘read’ the printed header and re-constitute critical metadata in electronic form, such as sender, recipient, date, time and subject line.

The resulting data was hosted in a visualisation based dashboard for the client to access and review. By being able to effectively re-order and drill-down into conversations and correspondents of interest through discovery analysis as well as the subject the entire set to keyword searches, the client was able to cut their review time significantly, saving critical time, cost and ensuring a comprehensive review of the disclosure could be undertaken.


January 3, 2014




Email Analysis